Craft Wine

The global world is changing and the climatic conditions for cultivation in our vineyard terraces are constantly changing. For us this is a major challenge. Our craftsmanship is the basis for successful work. Because viticulture has always had to adapt over the centuries. Successful winners of the new climatic conditions are our Burgundy varieties, of which we now have 27% in cultivation. We have had their outstanding class confirmed by the wine guides Eichelmann and Vinum. But Riesling remains our favorite.

We are proud of our work in the terrace areas. Biodiversity is greatest here. You can read the Julius Kühn Institute study on this.

It's your choice. With every bottle you drink from our terraced locations, you are helping to preserve this unique nature.

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We are avowed supporters of the wines from the house of Richard Richterhere in Winningen on the terraced Moselle. For us they already are for years style-defining for the wines of this Region. We look forward to it every year to the Rieslings with their already classic appearance of powerful transparency, what, once you have tasted the wine, no longer constitutes a contradiction. In order: The Gutssekt Riesling brut 2019 has noble notes of maturity in itself. The Pinot Blanc is already a bank. You can easily do that here.  open fruit characterize the Wine. And the price is just as attractive. Another caliber is the Chardonnay, which clearly expressively tends towards classic Burgundy aromas. After ventilation withdraws the wood note a little back and leaves the fruit more space. The Laubach Großes Gewächs begins with the dry Rieslings the benchmark this year. With a tender Equipped with a new wood tone, spicy and melty at the same time, it is the epitome of what we wrote above: power and Pure transparency. 500 bottles there is of it. These are expected at the auction of the Bernkasteler Ring come under the hammer. The delicate one Of course, Terra V should not be missing either. For an institution of the house, he embodies but noble in its finely tart appearance, fresh fruit game with great complexity. This shows once again the strength of the district Brückstück for off-dry Rieslings.

State Competition 2022

As every year, we give our collection to the competition of the national award. Only the best receive a medal here. All our 17 wines received gold medals. Our best result so far in this competition for over 20 years. Secure a few more bottles of this outstanding vintage for your wine cellar.

The Meddals