Cellar work

Not all wines have finished their spontaneous fermentation since autumn and there is still a quiet bubbling in the cellar. Some wines have cleared of the yeast and some tartar has failed. Minerals and tartaric acid balance each other and create beautiful crystals. The time will soon come - the young wines show gloss, freshness and youthful aromas. Simply beguiling. But until they unfold their full radiance, a little patience is required. You can already say that the 20s is among the top vintages.

Delivery to UK goes on

Shipping to England is possible again from February. Unfortunately you can only order by email.



State Competition 2020

As every year, we give our collection to the competition of the national award. Only the best receive a medal here. All our 17 wines received gold medals. Our best result so far in this competition for over 20 years. Secure a few more bottles of this outstanding vintage for your wine cellar.