The new vintage 2019

2019 - before the wine is fermented in the cellar, it has absorbed everything that surrounded it - lively vineyards and rocky teraces, autumn fog, winter cold, spring, summer heat and the distinctive aromas of the soil. In liquid form, we then experience the fine retrospective of a wine year. All of them are wines that entertain at the highest level. No small talkers or non-binding conversation partners, but wines that deserve attention because they tell the best stories of an extraordinary year 2018 and 2019!

The first  2019 Rieslings and Pinot are bottled. They present themselves in a clear, multi-layered aroma and shine with a very moderate alcohol content.

2019 Brückstück Kabinett Riesling fruity  9.0% vol.
2019 Röttgen Spätlese Riesling Alte Reben 9.0% vol.
2019 Röttgen selection Riesling fruity sweet  9.0% vol.
2019 Pinot Noir Rosé off dry  12% vol.
2019 Pinot Blanc dry  12.5% ​​vol.
2019 Chardonnay dry 13% vol.

To be ordered in the 2019 vintage box

Bernkasteler Ring Auction

Every year we auction special wines at the big auction of the oldest auction company, the Bernkasteler Ring. This year, we started with a treasure chamber wine.
2005 Brückstück Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese. With 245 ° Oechsle one of the outstanding wines of our creativity. You can save a few bottles for the auction price of 267.75 € 0.375 l bottle. A highlight for your vinological "cellar collection".

Nature - Richter - Wine

"R" like Riesling, Röttgen, Red wine, like Residual sugar and above all: Respect for nature! Everything changes. The earth and also our Terrassenmosel with its incomparable landscape are in a constant change. The biodiversity in our vineyards is increasing and it is an uplifting feeling to support our fauna and flora as a "landscape conservationists".

Before the wine ripens in the cellar, he has already absorbed all that natural influences of the rocky vineyards, autumn fog, winter cold, spring power, summer heat and the unmistakable flavors of the soil. Vintage – the retrospective of a wine year in liquid form. All wines are of the highest standard. No small talkers, but wines that deserve attention because they tell the best stories of an extraordinary vintage in 2018!

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