Sparkling wine manufacture

From wine to sparkling

If it tingles on the palate, the circulation is stimulated, the mood rises, it may be celebrated and triggered. Sparkling wine - our Gutssekt. Produced in the traditional methode with hand work, patience, skill and experience. A really royal drink.

With exclusivity and passion we'll make the best!

This is especially true for our sparkling wine , which enjoys an excellent reputation among connoisseurs. For outstanding sparkling wine can only be done from excellent wine - and the best part is best done even in our small but fine sparkling manufaktur. All operations are carried out by hand, the basic wines produced in our best vinyards. Just so we always have a complete control from growing and expanding until its sale to our customers.

Our collection consists of 3 Gutssekt sparklings. By individual production we can offer always a fresh glass of sparkling.