Wine tasting in the winery

For us, wine needs passion, attention and dedication. He demands a lot - of themselves and of us. He teaches us respect and humility in the steep terraced vineyards where it grows. All the effort and any risk is worth to produce such high class wines. We make wine from passion and you are welcome to share with us.

Exquisite wine tasting

Your visit will be a special experience. After a tour through our winery, followed by a glas of spakling wine from our own manufacture in the old wine wine cellar. In the tasting rooms you will experience a firework of exquisite wines from our terraced vinyards and you are able to feel the culture of wine in the Moselle valley.

1 Sparkling wine, 6 wines - Duration 2 hours


  • up to 15 persons 225.00 €
  • from 16 people 15.00 € per person

Estate wine tasting

A tour through our winery and remarkable old cellars will delight you! The right mood for the following tasting in our tasting rooms.

5 estate wines - Duration 1 hour


  • up to 15 persons 135.00 €
  • from 16 people 9.00 € per person