Our Philosophie

With the MOSEL against the MAINSTREAM

“Anyone who drinks wine knows us. Those who enjoy wine understand us. Anyone who loves wine will find us. "

These words are the best way to describe what began in 1838 with the establishment of a wine shop by Carl Friedrich Richter and which was maintained and expanded generation after generation with intelligence, expertise and instinct. We, the Thomas and Claus-Martin Richter families, have expanded the terrain in the 6th generation and further developed the methods. Today the Richter winery from Winningen is one of the most awarded wineries on the Moselle.

Winegrowing is no job, it's a livestyle!

Between the sky and the river, the approach to the origin of Moselle wine becomes extremely steep! Over millions of years, the water has created the steepest, wind-protected slopes with a repertoire of the best slate layers. In thousands of years of work, they were cultivated by people with terraces. Today they are not only the basis for our unique Riesling, white and red Burgundy and Chardonnay wines, but also for our sparkling wines, which are traditionally matured in bottles in our sparkling wine factory.

Depth, purity, truthfulness, clarity, honesty, sincerity, immediacy, complexity, authenticity, complexity are just some of the terms that we find when we think about our wines. It is important to us that natural fruit combine with the acidity typical of the year and perfectly integrated minerality. That requires commitment. Selective hand-picking and meticulous work in the cellar are just two strict quality criteria to which we are happy to commit. This is the only way to create wines that promise the greatest drinking pleasure combined with excellent aging and aging potential, even for many years to come.