Our Philosophie

The live with vines

The wine belongs to one of the oldest culturals of our history. The art of winemaking as well as the culture of wine consumption has been continuously developed over millennia to the present day and we are part of this story. Even the winery Richter can look back on a long tradition of wine growing. The winery Richard Richter was founded 175 years ago. We, the families, Thomas and Claus - Martin Richter have expanded the terrain in 6th generation and further developed the methods.

Winegrowing is no job, it's a livestyle!

The quality our wines based not on the analytics of sugar content of the grape. We do not describe the quality of our wines according to the defined must weiht in the Wine Act 1971. Our quality based on the individual layers, the soil, the microclimate and the grape variety. And we let the wines the time they need.

Our Riesling wines ripes in steel tanks, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay get their character and spice by ageing in oak barrels, our 225 liter barrels. Depth, purity, truthfulness, clarity, honesty, sincerity, directness, complexity, authenticity, complexity are just a few terms that we find while thinking about our wines. Important for us is the natural fruit with typical vintage acid and perfectly balanced minerality. This requires expertise and use. Selective hand picking and careful work in the cellar are just two strict quality criteria, which we are happy to oblige us. We creates wines with the greatest drinking pleasure, an excellent maturity - and aging potential, even in many years.